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Team Newfox Supports CEO Sleepout Manchester

Team Newfox supports CEO Sleepout Manchester

Next Monday (4th November) four members of the Newfox Team have pledged to sleep outdoors for one night to raise awareness and sponsorship for the CEO Sleepout Charity. All money raised will be used to to help fight homelessness and poverty.

The team have been giving their reasons for supporting this amazing cause:

I see homeless people daily and it seems to be getting worse all over the country. Poverty is on the rise, so more and more people will be forced out of their homes. We need to do something and help the unfortunate out – action is needed now.”

Kev Johnson, Sales Director – Donate Now 

I’m taking part in the CEO Sleepout to raise money for the homeless and help fight poverty. One night of my time will help those that are suffering every single day. I am very passionate about the charity and all funds go to this great cause!”

Charlotte Cooper, Senior Account Manager – Donate Now

I’m taking part in the CEO Sleepout to honour the ex-Service people who served this great country and now find themselves homeless and struggling with affects of what they went though to protect us.”

Adam Darwell, Senior Business Development Manager – Donate Now

I’m taking part in the CEO Sleepout to raise not just money but more awareness for the homeless.

I’m very lucky to go home every day to a nice warm house with food in the cupboards. The ex-servicemen and women don’t have that luxury and as the winter is setting in that realisation is even more concerning.”

Rachel Hughes, Account Manager – Donate Now

Please support our fundraising!

Newfox are proud to support CEO Sleepout, Manchester