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Security Testing Services designed to help you protect your business.
Find out more about how we can help you below.

Infrastructure Penetration Testing

Ensure your network is free from vulnerabilities by conducting an Infrastructure Penetration Test.

Web Application Security Testing

Are your Web Applications free from critical web application flaws as defined by the OWASP Top 10?

Wireless Penetration Testing

Could your security countermeasures be bypassed due to vulnerabilities in your wireless network?

Cyber Attack Simulation

How susceptible are you to a Cyber Attack? Find out with our Cyber Attack Simulation.

PCI Vulnerability Scanning

Get PCI Compliant with our managed service or supplement your risk based assessment with regular scans.

System Build Review

Are your baseline system builds secure? Carry out a build review to stay in line with best practise.

Source Code Assessment

Test your applications code is sound before you launch it into the wild with a Source Code Review.

Social Engineering

How deep into your organisation could a determined unauthorised 3rd party get? Take the test.

Dark Web Monitoring

Our Dark Web Monitoring service alerts you to your companies passwords for sale on the dark web.


You need an IT system you can rely on. That means you need IT support from a team you can rely on. Making sure that the systems and networks we install continue to meet our clients’ needs is our number one priority. That’s why we only employ the best support engineers who are on hand to give you and your team the IT support you need, whenever you need it.

Our helpdesk is available to answer any IT queries you may have no matter how simple or how complicated. In many cases we can support your IT remotely but when we can’t, we can have an expert IT support technician on site with you in no time.



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Dark Web Monitoring Service

Dark Web Monitoring Service

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24 Hour Support

24 Hour Support Service

Our bespoke 24 hour support service provides you with the help you need when you…