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Cyber Attack Simulation

Cyber Attack Simulation

How susceptible is your company to a Cyber Attack?

Newfox are Cyber Security experts with a focus firmly on improving your cyber security posture.

Our Cyber Attack Simulation imitates an attack against your organisation using the methods, tools and techniques as utilised by a real-life Cyber Attacker.

The service is delivered as follows:


Utilising a combination of open and closed source intelligence feeds we carry out detailed reconnaissance to build a comprehensive picture of your organisations and selected users digital footprints.


Using the information discovered during reconnaissance, we design your Cyber Attack Simulation constructing several scenarios tailored to your organisation and deploy the attack against your selected users.


Once the attack is complete we provide you with a comprehensive report detailing what we discovered during reconnaissance and the results of the attack.

To find out more speak to one of our Cyber Security specialists today on 0113 887 4311.

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